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Tie-Break Unilever: Episode 5



- News about the friendly matches against SESI-SP

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[Unilever] Gringas invade the Superliga

Portuguese article talking about the presence of foreigners in Brazil's Superliga this season.

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Tie-Break Unilever: Episode 4 [Highlights vs Praia Club]

-Highlights from the friendly vs Praia Clube

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[Unilever] Friendly match schedule and results

Unilever's pre-season friendly matches in Rio against Usiminas, Banana Boat and SESI.


Unilever x Usiminas/Minas - 31/10, at 18h, and 1º/11, at 16h
Unilever x Banana Boat/Praia Clube - 7 and 8/11, at 18h
Unilever x Sesi-SP - 13/11, at 18h, and 14/11, at 11h


Unilever vs Sesi (Nov 13, 14)

Friendly # 1 - Unilever 4x0 SESI-SP (25/20, 25/22, 25/18, 25/21) | Photos 

All 15 players for Unilever got to play (including Gabi!) in the first practice match this week.

Fofão, Logan Tom, Natalie, Sarah Pavan, Valeskinha, Juciely and Fabi started.

In the fourth set, as has happened in other games, the subs played: Roberta, Gabi, Régis, Bruna, Mara, Luciane and Jujju Perdigão.. And Amanda came over the dispute.

SESI-SP played with Dani Lins, Tandara, Sassá, Elisângela, Bia, Fabiana and Veridiana. Entered: Carol Albuquerque, Suelle, Jessica, Natalie, Marina and Juliana.

Both teams return to face the EsEFEx tomorrow (14) at 11 am. It will be the last practice match before the Superliga debut, April 23, against São Caetano (Gym da Tijuca, 19:30)


Friendly # 2 - Unilever 3x1 Sesi-SP (25x21, 25x17, 27x25, 21x25) | Photos 

Once again, all 15 players from Unilever Entered into court, Maintaining the same formation of training match yesterday.

Helia Souza, Logan Tom, Natalia, Sarah Pavan, Valeskinha, Flower and Fabi Began playing. In the fourth set, the reserves took over: Roberta, Gabi, Régis, Bruna, Mara, Laura and Juju Perdigao. And Amanda cam During the match to serve.

Already the SESI-SP had some changes, and played with Dani Lins, Tandara, Sami, Churchill, Bia, Fabiana and Juliana. Entered: Carol Abbott, Jessica, Natalia, Marina and Verity.

In this last training match, the team from Rio de Janeiro Already Has PROVED to be more compact and adjusted, with better distribution of the balls. Unilever's debut in the contest will be day 23, against São Caetano (Barra da Tijuca Gymnasium, 7:30 pm)! GoUni # \ o /


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Tie-Break Unilever: Episode 3

Includes a report of the friendly matches against Minas

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Unilever wins both friendlies against Usiminas/Minas

Unilever wins both matches against Usiminas-workouts in Rio
by Unilever Volei - Journal on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 6:26 am ·
Communication: 1/11/2012

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Logan Tom crushes on offense (Fernando Maia / adorofoto) 

Photos - Friendly 1 | Photos - Friendly 2

Rio de Janeiro - Unilever won vs the Usiminas / Minas in two games-training this Wednesday and Thursday (31/10 and 1/11), in the gymnasium of School Physical Education Army (EsEFEx), in Urca, Rio January. The score was the same in both matches: 4 sets to 0 for the team in Rio, with partial 25/21, 25/13, 25/22, 25/18, the first day, and 25/14, 25/22 , 25/21 and 25/21 in the second. In friendlies closed to the public, teams can compete in one or more extra sets.

The team led by coach Bernardinho kept the same lineup in both games, with the setter Fofão, the tips Natalia and Logan Tom, the central Valeskinha and Juciely the opposite Sarah Pavan and libero Fabi. Entered: Roberta, Amanda, Regis, Mara, Luciane, Bruna and Juju. With the exception of the tip Gabi, who was spared because he felt his right shoulder, all athletes had the opportunity to play. The reserves took the court in the final set in both matches, with the same "footprint" of holders. "We train just as the girls taken as starters, ie, we are ready to go into court when necessary and follow the pattern," says Roberta, reserve Fofão.

The Usiminas started both matches with the setter Claudia, Carla and the tips Thais, the central Fê Isis and Barbara, the opposite Lia and libero Tássia. Thaizinha came in two games and Renata and Gabriela, only the second.

Forca gringa

With the foreign team, the American Logan Tom and Canadian Sarah Pavan, inspired in service, Unilever managed to break the passing of Minas. If the intention was to hone the technical Bernardinho especially the setter Fofão's rapport with Sarah, he left satisfied with what he saw: the opposite was one of the highlights in the attack.

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