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USA Volleyball Olympic Teams in London

Checkout the team pics! Go USA!


Logan talks USA Volleyball, her playing background and the London Olympics

Hear what Logan Tom has to say about the sport and team she L❤VES

For Logan's Brazilian fans, there's an interview transcript in Portuguese from http://voleisemfronteiras.blogspot.com.br/

É a vez de Logan Tom contar um pouco sobre ela. 


USA's Cynthia Barboza on The Net Live - trying the beach and comments on USA team

One of Logan's teammate from the national team, Cynthia Barboza, gave an interview to The NET LIVE. Cynthia joins the program around the 1:35:00 mark.

About USA women in London:

"I think they are going to kill it. They are going to absolutely crush it. I have nothing but complete confidence in the 12 girls who are going... honestly, in the 25 girls that were in the gym training the whole quad.

I think we have really stable ball control. We have a fantastic leader in Berg who runs a really complex offense. We have a really balanced set of hitters. Obviously with Destinee who can terminate on the right. We've got smart players like Logan and Jordan who put balls away out of system and in system. Our middles are frighteningly effective. Foluke and Christa are beasts. And then Nicole Davis rounds out our ball control, keeping us in system so we can do what we want to do.

I think that when we play our game... which is good solid USA volleyball.... kind of like playing good over time and playing great when the moment presents itself... I think that solid steady USA style, will trump any other team in the world right now.

Those are my girls, I've seen them more than anyone else. I believe in them. They're going to be great."


London Update: USA Women arrive in London

Logan and USA team are in London.

Want to see where they will be staying? Click below to take a photo tour of the Olympic Village


In addition, USA Olympians will have exclusive use of the University of East London's new SPORTSDOCK facility for training during the Olympics. Click below for more pictures.


Logan talks about Danielle Scott-Arruda

Gold driving Scott-Arruda in fifth Olympics

Rahshaun Haylock | July 20,2012

LOS ANGELES - Danielle Scott-Arruda isn't just the Mother Hen of the U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team. The 39-year old middle blocker is there to contribute.

While she acknowledges it's "quite an achievement," Scott-Arruda doesn't even want to talk about the fact that she's making her fifth Olympic appearance this summer, instead putting the focus on the team.

"I'm not so much focused on having played five Olympics but what I can do to help this team be successful in London," Scott-Arruda said. "I'm happy to be a part of this team and the fifth Olympics just kind of came as a part of that."

However, it hasn't stopped her teammates from talking about the rarified air Scott-Arruda is stepping in.

"She's my big sister," said outside hitter/opposite Tyyiba Haneef-Park. "I admire her. She's stuck around through five (Olympics) and I wish more players could be like her. I wish I could have energy and strength to do that and I just truly admire her."

Added outside hitter Logan Tom, "It's her fifth Olympics. This is going to be my fourth with her and so I've seen her through a lot of years of it. …when she comes in you can count on her to do her job, to do it well, and the mental part especially. She's there. She's a fighter. She's going to be a rock, which is what we're going to need for someone to come in off of the bench."

While Tom "highly doubts" she'll stick around for another Olympics after the London Games, which begin next week, Scott-Arruda is just the third female volleyball player to make it to five Olympic Games and the first American. In London, she'll be one of six U.S Olympians competing in the Olympics for the fifth time, joining Amy Acuff (track and field), Phillip Dutton and Karen O'Connor (equestrian), Khatuna Lorig (archery), Emil Milev and Kim Rhode (shooting).

The drive for a gold medal is something that keeps her motivated in her 18th year with the national team.

"If there's an opportunity to continue to play and go for a gold medal, it's definitely deep within and you want to do that so you do everything you can to make that possible," she said.

Heading into this year's Olympic Games, the USA is largely considered the favorite to win the gold as the number one team in FIVB world rankings under head coach Hugh McCutcheon, who won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics as the head coach of the U.S. men. Those are huge expectations for a team that has never won an Olympic gold medal.

"I don't think it adds pressure," Scott-Arruda said. "I think we've prepared every day in practice and so having the number one ranking is a result of the work that we've done to get there so I think that we're prepared to face any opponent."


Logan and Lindsey trying to speak more cockney rhyming slang -- John Cleese

Logan and Lindsey try speaking proper 'Cockney.'

Translation of the phrase: "Would you like some cheese with your bread or just a bit of butter?"


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